March 17, 2018

VOD Review: Midnighters (2017)

"A character-driven neo-noir that packs a twisty punch."
We love us a thrilling neo-noir, and ever since Starry Eyes (review HERE) we love us some Alex Essoe too. So the idea of Midnighters offering us both in one movie was just too good to resist.

We're not going to reveal too much about the plot below, because this is a movie that has some twists and reveals, and to do so would kinda kill the vibe of the whole thing, but I will say that Midnighters makes for a fun ride through noir country, even if there are a few bumps in the road along the way.

On the way home from a New Years Eve party, Jeff tries to get a little frisky with his wife Lindsey, taking his eyes from the road for just a few seconds, which ends with him hitting some poor sap walking down the middle of the road. Given that they're both drunk, they decide to take the body home, wait a few hours until they're sober, then report the tragic accident to the police.

Of course that plan goes to hell for a number of reasons, which we wont go into here, because that would spoil the way the movie unfolds its mysteries and reveals, but suffice it to say that things get complicated due to marital issues, money, Lindsey's little sister showing up out of nowhere, and a creepy dude who knows too much about all of them.

Midnighters is one of those movies that showcase people making really stupid decisions that lead to disastrous results, which is typically the kind of movie that we hate. Accidentally killing someone and hiding the body instead of calling the police never seems like it's going to end well, and that type of plot line usually ends up making for a frustrating movie-watching experience for us.

With Midnighters though, director Julius Ramsay and screenwriter brother Alston have taken that trope, and made it fresh. It's still frustrating in general, but the fact that the danger that is closing in around the couple is one that would have still been present whether they made a bad decision or not, basically kills the whole "You should have called the cops!" argument. It also takes the movie in a twisty direction that we weren't expecting.

The movie has strong pace that keeps some of those frustrating moments from dragging it down, and the cast all turns in solid performances which make the whole thing even more compelling. Alex Essoe has been doing solid genre work for years now, and she continues her streak of quality work in quality films in this one. The real surprise for us was Perla Haney-Jardine who played troubled little sister Hannah; she played B.B. in Kill Bill Volume 2, and it looks like she's all grown up now, as have her acting abilities. They both stole the show in this one.

There are some genuinely uncomfortable moments of torture in this one, but it's not an overtly-bloody movie.

Not that kind of flick.

Relationships are tough. Also, always call the Cops. Always!

Midnighters is a tense, effective thriller that may have you calling the characters dumbasses at times, but redeems their foolish actions by wrapping them in a story that you just can't help but get caught up in.

If you like a good neo-noir anchored by a solid cast, then give this one a go.


Midnighters is available now on VOD.

Alex Essoe and Perla Haney-Jardine.

What's New on VOD This Week? (3/13-3-16)

This week's VOD releases more than make up for the fact that last week was a barren wasteland on the new streaming entertainment front.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the big release of the week, and if you're looking to add a digital copy to your collection, now is the time. The cheaper rental version hits in 2 weeks, for anyone who prefers to watch a movie once, then be done with it. 
  • It's been 7 years since we've seen a new Children of the Corn sequel, and now we have Children of the Corn: Runaway to enjoy. It's the 10th movie in the series, and we're hoping that it is better than the last 8 sequels. The trailer looks fun at least.
  • In the great tradition of Lolita and Poison Ivy, Josie is another tale of a young girl messing with an older man, which is likely to end in total disaster for all parties involved. Daddy issues. It's always daddy issues. Sansa Stark does look good all tatted up, and Dylan McDermott plays intense pretty well, so hey, why not. Looks good.
  • Tilt is one that we hadn't heard anything about until it arrived on Amazon, and truth be told, its trailer looks solid. If you're into psychological thrillers, this one may be the ticket. 
  • Allure looks like an interesting thriller. It's got a solid cast, and has an erotically-charged tilt to it that looks to push some taboo boundaries. Might be interesting.
  • If you like those half-assed reality shows like Ghost Adventures, and there are many of them, Zak Bagans has a new documentary out called Demon House about a "real" haunting that should make you happy. Those shows always feel fake to us, so we'll be skipping this one.
  • Bird Boy looks like an odd yet interesting animated adventure.
  • Hell's Kitty looks silly in all the right ways, and Apartment 212 look like some B-grade fun.
  • Happy Streaming!

*Be sure to click the pics to rent the movies, or watch their trailers. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?  

*If you aren't already a member, you should really give Amazon Prime a shot, especially if you order movies on the regular like we do, because the free two-day shipping pays for itself after around 10 orders. Check it out for free HERE.

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March 15, 2018

UPDATED: Our Top 31 (or so) Upcoming Movies of 2018!

*This is an on-going post which is updated every Tuesday & Friday, to keep up with releases and release date changes.

We're always, ALWAYS, searching for newest and best Horror & Genre movies & TV shows to watch, which is why we work so hard to keep our Blu-ray & DVD, Theatrical, VOD, and TV release dates pages up to date.

One thing that we've never done though, until now, is kept a running list of the movies coming soon to a big or small screen near you that we want to see the most, and there are always a lot of those. With that in mind, below you'll find the Top 30-ish Upcoming Horror & Genre Projects that have us chomping at the bit like rabid fiends.

  • The movies listed below all have release dates that are set. As you know, some of them can, and will, change.
  • You'll only find new projects that will be Theatrical, VOD, and TV releases on this list. Nothing that's coming soon on disc (unless it’s some sort of Special Edition.)
  • We will include a few upcoming TV shows of the highest interest on the list, but keep them limited so as to focus more on movies.
  • You can click the pics to be taken to each movie's IMDB page, for release date info, etc...The release dates can also be found in the file names.
  • This list will be mainly comprised of upcoming Horror projects, but the occasional Superhero, Sci-Fi, or Action flick might break through. It's all relative to our interests.
  • We will add and remove titles from this list as needed, which will be pretty often.
  • Mark your calendars!

3/15- We added Family Blood, Primal Rage, Beast, Stephanie, Hold the Dark, The Crossing, and SIX to the list, and updated a few posters.

1May 4June 8AprilApril 6Mar 26June 1Apr 6Apr 2Apr 13Mar 23p170 x 250170 x 2502Apr 13Apr 24[16]July 6Apr 27Mar 31 NetflixJuly 4Apr 3April 2June 1Mar 23May 11Apr 13 (2)May 1bMay 28May 25May 1Mar 28Apr 27April 13Unsane Mar 23October