September 24, 2017

Trailer: Marvel's The Punisher (2017)
"After the murder of his family, Frank Castle becomes a vigilante known as "the Punisher", who aims to fight crime by any means necessary."

The Marvel shows on Netflix have been pretty good so far, to varying degrees. I personally didn't care for Iron Fist all that much, but Luke Cage was cool, Daredevil is pretty great for the most part, and I loved the hell out of Jessica Jones, although the first season was more of a detective story than it was any sort of Superhero adventure.

The good news is that of the trailer below is any indication, then The Punisher is about to outdo them all.

Not only is Frank Castle one of the best Comic Book characters ever created, but he's probably the most violent too, which means that this new series is going to be a bullet-ridden bloodbath.

And we are fine with that.

The Punisher premieres on Netflix in November. We think.

And We're Back

Over the past week, we've been moving half of our family from our stomping grounds in Southeast Michigan, to the wild expanse of the Upper Peninsula. After packing, loading trucks, and making trips back and forth to the tune of thousands of cumulative miles, everyone is all settled in their new and old homes, and I can finally catch up on the posts that we've missed.

Sorry that the VOD post is late, as that's usually a Friday thing.

Stay tuned this week for Leatherface, Cold Moon, and The Houses October Built 2 reviews, amongst other things.

Now, I'm off to play catch-up...

September 21, 2017

UPDATED: Our Top 30 (or so) TBA Films of 2017!

There always seems to be an endless amount of new Horror & Genre movies on the horizon that for one reason or another, take forever to see the light of day; they get delayed, shifted around, moved back and forth, or just flat-out shelved. Whatever the cause of their delay, they are all labeled as "Coming Soon."

As lovers of all things Horror, we're dying to see the new movies that we're teased with, and we know that they're coming "soon," but without an actual distribution plan in place, all we can do is sit and wait. And hope.

The movies below are the ones that we're most curious about that don't have actual Release Dates in place. Some of them, we've been waiting for what seems like forever; while others, we barely know anything about. All of them have promise though, and we'll be in line when they finally do see proper release.

For now, they are nothing more than movies living in To Be Announced limbo. 

Our TBA criteria:
  • Festival showings do not count as Release Dates.
  • "The Fall" or "2nd Quarter of 2017" are not Release Dates either. They're guesstimates.
  • Until a movie is released in the U.S., it’s still TBA to us. Because that’s where we live.
  • If a a movie that is scheduled or rumored to be released in 2016 doesn't have a poster, we're not including them on our list. Know why? Because release a simple little placeholder poster until your "good ones" are ready, movie people! That’s why.

CargoColdCrescentDarkDoubleDownrangeFightFoxtrapHallowsHereticsHostileHushInsideLetLetLodgersJune 23MarrowMidnightersMonolithMostNailsPassengerPyewacketRabbitReplaceRevengeSandmanSmallSuspiriaStillTonightSixsummer-of-841

September 20, 2017

UPDATED: The Best Blu-ray Releases of 2017… So Far.

With so many movies being released to Blu-ray & DVD every week, it's not always easy keeping track of them all, let alone figuring out which ones are actually worth buying. There's nothing worse than a blind buy that goes bad, and trust us, we've had plenty of those.

With that in mind, we decided to set up a permanent post featuring the best Blu-ray releases on the year (so far), to make it easier for people to know which movies they should be checking out. Of course what's "worth" buying is a subjective thing, so we're going to keep our list as short and sweet as possible:

  • Some are great movies.
  • Some are fantastic discs.
  • Some are just great deals. 

The bottom line is that depending on your taste, these Movies and TV Shows may be worth owning to you. We'll keep this list updated to reflect current releases only; if you want to keep up on future releases, just pop on over to our Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates List where you'll find info on upcoming titles for the next few months.

Between the two lists, at least you'll know what's out there, and you can make a better informed decision on what to buy.

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